What Makes us different?

The guarantee of organic and quality coffee is vital when it comes to customer preferences. We grow our coffee on our farm, and hence, guarantee that we have the best available to our customers. Our farm is located in the western region of Ethiopia and rests on 1,850 altitude above sea level. Currently we have 1,300 hectares of arable land and we are finalizing the acquisition of 700 Hectare more. With the aim to assist the local farms and to create more quality sources of coffee for export, We are executing out-growers scheme with small scale farmers around the farm area. This will not only help us in achieving the traceability of our coffee but also help us achieve the social responsibility by assisting the farmers with knowledge, technology, equipment and market.

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The Company

Engineer Sisay Desta established Afro-Tsion Construction PLC in 1998 G.C at an initial capital of 50,000.00 Birr. The company has plenty of experience in construction sector, manufacturing, real state, and import and sesame seed export businesses and contributed a lot for country development. In recognition to its continuous performance and achievement record, the company has been awarded and honored several times. Currently the company has 6,000 employees in the construction 640 employees in the manufacturing & 56 employees in the import, exports and Transport Company. Its paid up capital have reached 240 million Ethiopian birr.


To produce, process and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee beans in a sustainable way to the global coffee market.


To be one of the leading coffee exporters in the country by creating customers trust on quality, traceability, sustainability, cost and consistency.

Business Philosophy

Growing with the local communities and Supply chain integration with stakeholders with similar business objectives and philosophies.


The Company is filled with efficient, dependable and sincere professionals, who are graduates of highest learning institution in different and compatible disciplines and have several years of experience. We currently have more than 485 employees at the farm. We also incorporate consultants and advisers in constant bases to increase quality, productivity and efficiency.

The Farm

  • Location:
    Majang Zone; Godere Werada
  • Altitude:
    1,750 -2,128 meter above sea level
  • Annual Precipitation:
    1,350 mm
  • Annual Mean Temperature:
  • Coffee Type:
    Godere coffee; Arabica
  • Variety:
    Arabica 74/110, 74/120,74/140
  • Soil Type:
    Fertile Loamy soil
  • Topography:
    Gentle slope up to 8 degree
  • Mill Process:
  • Afro-Tsion farm Size::
    2,000 hectares
  • Out-grower farmers size:
    560 hectares

The farm is located at Gambella region; Majang Zone; Godere Woreda. Godere Woreda is located in the South West part of the country and bordered with the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples. The coffee plantation area altitude lies between 1850 and 2100 meter above sea level that is suitable range of altitude, soil moisture and fertility results for the growth and development of premium quality highland coffee.

Partnering with the surrounding small scale coffee farmers

This year, we have started harvesting single origin & traceable coffee from our own farm. The volume is not yet adequate therefore we have designed a strategy to integrate small-scale coffee farmers into our business as out-growers. This helps us to: 1. Increase our specialty coffee supply capacity, 2. Pay a premium price to the small holder coffee farmers and 3. Include the small holders into our sustainable coffee programs



Sunderied/ Natural Category

  • Siadmo Grade 4
  • Lekempti Grade 4 & 5
  • Jimma Grade 4 & 5
  • Harar Grade 4 & 5

Washed Category

  • Siadmo Grade 1 & 2
  • Lekempti Grade 1 & 2
  • Jimma Grade 1 & 2
  • Harar Grade 1 & 2


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